Just when you thought you couldn’t pay anymore, the kids are going to college.  Judges have the authority to order divorcing or divorced mothers and fathers to help support their adult children while those children are in college.  The typical college tuition includes tuition, books, computer fees, lab fees, registration fees, etc.  They can also include expenses incurred during the children’s junior and senior years of high school, such as the cost of a SAT prep course, college applications, etc.

Once in college, the expenses can include room and board, rent for off-campus housing, or the cost of an automobile and automobile insurance expenses.  Of course the children will require food at home or the cost of the college meal plan.  They still have medical insurance expenses, uncovered medical bills, clothes, etc., etc., etc.

It can be a very costly experience.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your college age children or should you be in the process of a separation or divorce with younger children, feel free to contact one of our family law attorneys at (908) 879-9499.