The newest celebrity divorce of the week is Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.  Some reporters seem surprised, others not so much.  Celebrity divorces do seem to happen with increasing frequency.  So is this the trend in Hollywood, or all over the U.S.?

            Statistics vary when it comes to divorce rates, but one thing is very clear.  There are a lot of divorcing couples.  It is often said that the divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%.  However, some studies say that rate is only for first marriages.  For second marriages the studies vary between 60% and 67% and for third marriages 73 to 74%.  Since this was JLo’s third marriage the break up is not surprising, at least statistically speaking.

            What does all this mean to families in New Jersey?  It certainly is sobering to think about.  However, these statistics do have one impact that we see as divorce attorneys.  With the rates so high, the resources for families going through divorce have increased tenfold in the last 20 years.  Children are much more likely to have many friends whose parents are divorced.  It is in fact quite common to hear children making plans for the weekend with the question “which house are you at this weekend?”

            Schools also are very cognizant of changing family dynamics.  Many schools have programs for children of divorced parents such as the club the Banana Splits.

            For information on resources and programs available to help as you go through the divorce process contact one of our attorneys at Iandoli & Edens.