As we have read in the tabloids the supermodel Linda Evangelista has moved for child support for her four year old son, whose father is Francois-Henri Pinault, husband of Salma Hayek.  She is asking for $46,000/month.  Is this what it costs to raise a four year old?  How will the court or the lawyers possibly decide?  Common sense says no, but it is rumored that Evangelista earned 2 million dollars last year and Pinault is worth 11.5 billion.

            In New Jersey (as in other states), child support is governed by the Child Support Guidelines which are a part of the New Jersey Court Rules.  The Guidelines are applicable up to a net combined income of $3600/wk. ($187,200/yr.).  In families where the income exceeds that amount (i.e. Evangelista/Pinault) the Court must add a discretionary amount of child support to the minimum basic award- that which would be awarded for $187,200/yr.  For one child in New Jersey that amount would be $453/wk. ($1963/mo.)  The Court would have to make a big jump to the $46,000/mo. requested by Ms. Evangelista.

            Even for families with incomes less than $187,200/yr. net the Child Support Guidelines can be complex and confusing.  Childcare, medical insurance and the number of overnights the child/children spend with each parent are taken into consideration.

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