On this, the 10th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, there is much pain in remembrance.  There are also many stories of the lives of the people left behind – those who lost children, spouses, and especially of children who lost a parent.  These children range in age from nine (those who were not yet born when their parent was killed) to twenty seven.

One recurring theme in these stories is that of the children whose widowed mother or father remarried in the ten years since the attacks.  The tales are often heartwarming – a widow or widower of a terrible tragedy like 9/11 finding happiness again. 

The children who were left motherless or fatherless often were then adopted by their stepparent.  Stepparent adoptions are common in our country.  The process inNew Jerseyis much like any other adoption.  It gives both the parent and child the full rights and responsibilities as if the child were born to that parent.

In most cases, for a stepparent adoption to be granted, the birth parent must either be deceased, or relinquish parental rights.  The child’s remaining living parent must also agree for the adoption to take place.

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