Did anyone ever think this country would go so far as to designate a National Unmarried and Single Americans Week?  Well it’s here and it’s this week.  So is it to be celebrated?  And if so, how? 

            We know there are plenty of people who throw divorce parties when their divorce is finalized.  There is even a specialty line of cakes for the occasion. 

            However, the real statistics show that unmarried people, both male and female tend to live, if not in poverty, struggling financially.  What both divorced and single people with children need to remember is that there are recourses through the court.

            Post Judgment litigation is for when a divorced man or woman finds that the Agreement that they may have worked long and hard at reaching is no longer working for them.  People lose jobs, medical insurance benefits; children grow and many things can change.

            Likewise, never married couples with children may find the need for court intervention to establish or reduce child support, or set up a viable parenting schedule for a child or children to grow up knowing both of his or her parents.

            At Iandoli & Edens, we represent clients in both Post Judgment actions and those who were never married.

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