Most working parents would agree that finding quality time to spend with your children is challenging.  Coming home from work (sometimes late) being hit with homework issues and general rules and regulations of parenting take time and energy.  Yet most  working parents would not give up tucking the kids in at night or rushing them to the school bus in the morning.

            So what happens if you throw a divorce into the middle of this mix?  Shared custody is the answer for many couples, but what exactly does that mean?  A true joint physical custody arrangement (or shared parenting as it is now known) would mean that the children would spend 50% of the time living with one parent and 50% of the time with the other.  This can be achieved in a variety of ways, often dependent on the ages of the children and the work schedules of the parents.  Some divorced couples do every other day, every other week, split weeks or every other month.

            In looking at famous divorced couples you often hear about shared custody.  Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are raising their three daughters this way.  Of course, as everyone knows, they might be the most amicable celebrity divorce ever.

            Even if you are not as friendly with your ex or soon to be ex as Bruce and Demi, shared custody can work.

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