How much alimony will I have to pay?

How much alimony will I receive?

           If you have a case involving alimony, both the party paying and the party receiving the alimony want and need to know what that amount will be.  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.  There is no statute, case law or court rule which gives a specific dollar amount or percentage amount.  To the contrary, the courts have indicated for years and recently reaffirmed that there is no formula.  There is a statute that governs alimony in New Jersey.  The statute lists 13 factors.  The 13th factor is anything that the court deems relevant to your case.

           If you are contemplating a divorce, you will want to know whether or not alimony will be involved and, if so, how much.  Contact Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879‑9499 for an appointment with a knowledgeable attorney who will have a frank discussion with you regarding this issue.