Surprisingly, statistics are showing that divorce after 60 is on a continuous rise.  This may in part be because the baby boomers are creating a large population of people over 60.  More people means more divorces.

Another concept, however, which has roots in a study in Japan is known as “Retired Husband Syndrome”.*  Couples who have had very busy lives raising children, putting them through college, surviving (or thriving) during the early empty nest years are often woefully unprepared for the reality of the husband’s retirement.  This is most commonly an issue in families where the wife has been a stay-at-home mom.  When suddenly faced with their husband being home on a full time basis, stress and discord can occur.  Incompatibilities that have been simply not addressed for years can come to the forefront.

In other cases, the past may simply catch up with an unsuspecting couple.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, age 63 is being divorced by his wife Maria Shriver, allegedly because of past infidelities.

Whatever the reason, divorcing after 60 has a unique set of issues which set it apart from other divorces.  Although it is rarer to have custody disputes, other considerations arise.  Retirement plans can already be in pay status and continuation of medical insurance can raise grave concerns.

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* Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine by Nobuo Kurokawa