Happy New Year!  2012 is upon us and of course, New Year’s resolutions are in order.  Here are some New Year’s resolutions to keep in mind: 

1.  Resolve to be enlightened. Surround yourself with knowledge.  Many married individuals are terrified to file for divorce due to financial reasons or because of concerns pertaining to their children.  Resolve to inform yourself about the law surrounding these issues.  Understanding your rights will render a better you in 2012.

2.  Resolve to save money.  People find clever ways to save money from skipping a Venti latte   Frappuccino extraordinaire in exchange for a delightful homemade cup of Joe.  Others prefer to skip the exquisite restaurant dinner and opt for a budget-friendly domestic meal.  The Court may be able to grant further financial relief if you elect to file a modification application to decrease your child support obligation or alimony requirement based on significant and permanent change in circumstances.  If your application holds merit, the Court can decrease your support payments which can certainly help you keep your head above water in 2012.

3.  Resolve to help others.  Community service is a rewarding experience.  Soup kitchens are always accepting volunteers, hospitals need caretakers and not-for-profit organizations will gladly accept donations.  There are so many other small ways you can help.  All too often, litigants facing a divorce or contentious parenting issues with the Court system experience immense stress and may feel alone and as if they have no one to turn to.  Resolve to be a non-judgmental friend who will be there for the individual in grief and provide that special shoulder to cry on.  Helping those in need – even in the smallest ways – will make the biggest difference for 2012!

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