Parenting coordinators are assigned by Judges in certain high conflict cases regarding custody.  Just by reading the celebrity news headlines it is obvious that unfortunately may parents are simply unable to communicate with each other in the best interest of their child or children.  Other couples make disparaging remarks about their children’s other parent that the child or children may become aware of.  Anne Heche and her ex utilized the services of a parenting coordinator after Ms. Heche famously called her ex (and father of her son) a “lazy ass” on the David Lettermen show. Additionally, some parents involve the children themselves in the custody dispute by putting them in the middle.

The  role of the parenting coordinator is set forth in the Pilot Program Guidelines as follows: 

“The parenting coordinator’s goal is to aid parties in monitoring the existing parenting plan, reducing misunderstandings, clarifying priorities, exploring possibilities for compromise and developing methods of communication that promote collaboration in parenting. The parenting coordinator’s role is to facilitate decision-making between the parties or make such recommendations, as may be appropriate when the parties are unable to do so. One primary goal of the parenting coordinator is to empower parents to develop and utilize effective parenting skills so that they can resume the parenting and decision-making role without the need for outside intervention. The parenting coordinator should provide guidance and direction to the parties with the primary focus on the best interests of the child by reducing conflict and fostering sound decisions that aid positive child development.”

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