Whether you knew your relationship was headed down this path or your spouse completely surprised you, some of the same issues arise.  What will be the custody arrangement?  When will the children be with mom and when will they be with dad?  Who will take them to their activities?  What will happen to their college fund?  Who will pay the balance of the cost of their college education?  What will happen to the house?  Will it remain mine?  Where will everyone live post-divorce?  What will happen to our stock, savings, investment accounts, retirement accounts, etc.?

If you are a stay-at-home parent, will you be expected to go back to work outside the home?  If you are expected to go back to work, when?  What kind of job will you get?

Some say that divorce means change.  No one denies that there are a lot of decisions to be made.  At Iandoli & Edens we address all of the issues in your case, one at a time and work with you to develop a plan for the future.  So don’t be overwhelmed.  Let our team assist you.  Call Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879-9499 or click here www.iandoliedens.com to learn more about us.