A new trend has emerged where newly divorced individuals are celebrating their divorce over drinks with friends or in more symbolic ways such as purchasing a meaningful item.  Some new divorcees will take vacations for relaxation or, as recently published on Yahoo, purchase what are now known as divorce rings.   This may sound callous to some.   However, the celebration has very little to do with the ending of the marriage.  It should be recognized that a celebration of this sort symbolizes the ending of a long arduous and contentious battle over children, real property and personal property.

Oftentimes, the divorcing person’s life is held in limbo during divorce litigation.  Time with their children may be stymied, support figures are uncertain, the ability to refinance on a home is unknown, and the ability to move forward sounds like an impossibility.  This state of limbo can last for a very long time before a settlement is reached or a trial is conducted. The stress and anxiety associated with life turning upside down is overwhelming. In fact, most of our clients meet with therapists throughout the litigation process to help them cope with these issues.  So, one might say that indeed a celebration is in order when resolution is achieved.   It is not a callous act; it is the act of a person finally being able to see light at the end of the tunnel and finally being able to breathe easy again.

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