An article was recently published in the New Jersey Law Journal titled Palimony, Alimony and (Now) Preglimony. Preglimony is not a commonly used term in New Jersey but yet it’s quickly growing into an acceptable form of judicial relief. The attorneys at this office have indeed handled cases involving requests for preglimony.

It is a request for support made by an unmarried pregnant woman from the biological father of her unborn child.  It is a legal matter that does not readily come to mind when thinking of support.  Yet, with advances in technology, paternity can be established long before a baby is born. Therefore, when paternity is established, the pregnant woman can file a claim for financial contribution from the biological father.  The request for support is ideally tailored toward assisting the pregnant woman with paying her medical bills and to obtain the medical treatment that the unborn child requires.

Nonetheless, this form of relief is not codified in New Jersey. The courts are granting relief of this nature based upon receipt of adequate proofs.  Therefore, these types of claims must be appropriately handled. If you are in a situation similar to the one described above, you may want to contact an experienced matrimonial attorney.  For further questions or comments, call us at (908) 879‑9499 and visit our website at