Ah, yes. It’s that time of year again: October 31st – Halloween. When a family is intact, both parents are able to enjoy helping their children dress up in costumes, chaperone door-to-door trick-or-treating, and join in on the scary story telling.

When divorcing, however, many parents are frightened at the thought of missing this memorable holiday with their beloved children.  “Halloween, like Thanksgiving and the winter break holidays, is certainly an important holiday parents do not want to miss with their children,” explains Ann Edens, a partner with Iandoli & Edens.

Diane Vidal, an associate with Iandoli & Edens, states, “It is best to discuss Halloween at the time of the divorce or separation and divide the time in the best way possible.”  Although this may appear to be a gruesome task, parents who are able to refrain from the howling screams, but instead choose to communicate with one another, typically agree on a method that works for them and their children. A parenting time schedule may help divorcing or separating couples settle their differences. The best part? It doesn’t have to be a scary Nightmare. Alternating the holiday on even and odd years is an option or dividing the afternoon between the parents may also work. “Every family is different. What may work for the Jones’ may be a horrible idea for the Smith’s,” says Stefanie Gagliardi, an associate with Iandoli & Edens. So, put away the fangs and the pitchfork and rest assured that your decision to share Halloween equally will not haunt you in the future. Your children will love you more for it.

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