Matrimonial attorneys bill by the hour.  The more hours required to complete your case the more it will cost.  Typically, in most cases, some information has to be shared between the parties regarding the value of the assets, the amount of the liabilities, the ongoing living expenses for all parties involved (husband, wife and children) and the income.  Then attention is paid to reaching an agreement on all issues of custody, support and division of the assets and debt.  Once that is done, there remains the last and final step of obtaining the divorce from the Court.  The sooner the parties have agreed to all issues, the sooner the case is resolved.  In those cases in which the parties do not voluntarily settle all of the issues, a trial is required which takes more time and is of greater expense.

Sometimes one spouse is expected to contribute to the counsel fees incurred by the other spouse.  The courts in the state of New Jersey want to be sure that both parties have access to counsel so that the playing field is even.  If one spouse earns significantly more than the other spouse, the higher wage earner may be expected to contribute to the other’s counsel fees.  Further, if the Court finds there was bad faith by a party, the Court may order that party to pay counsel fees on behalf of the other.  To learn about your particular circumstances, contact one of the attorneys at Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879‑9499 and click here to learn more about us.