Going through divorce is often an extremely painful process for the parents.  But how about the children?  Even the most civil divorces affect children in many different ways.  Obviously, age is a huge component as to the type of reaction your child might be going through.

So how do you know if your children’s reactions are “normal”, or if professional help is needed?  Sometimes the Courts or other agencies make the decision for you.  The L.A.County Dept. of Children and Family Services recommended counseling for Nahla Aubry, daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, when she was only three years old.

Sam and Lola Sheen, daughters of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, also attended sessions with a therapist when they were four and three respectively.  The dissolution of the Sheen/Richards marriage was extremely contentious.

In dealing with your own children, keep in mind there are certain emotions that most children are likely to feel, although they will express these emotions differently due to their age.  Most common feelings in children are sadness, depression, anxiety, confusion, guilt and anger.

Most child therapists suggest both parents keep a close eye on the children and communicate their thoughts and concerns to each other.  Children often will go through intense emotions but they are less capable of sustaining them than adults are.  Therefore, if any of the feelings you notice seem to last you might want to seek professional help for your child.  And remember- you know your child best- listen to your gut instinct over statistics, or what the family next door chose to do.

At Iandoli and Edens we encourage our clients to always focus on the well-being of the children through this difficult time.  Whether the divorce is amicable or we are conducting a custody trial, the children’s well-being is in the forefront.  For an appointment with one of our skilled custody attorneys call today at 908-879-9499 or visit us at www.iandoliedens.com.