Whether to adopt domestic or international is an age old question that perplexes many a prospective adoptive parent. Of course, the stories you hear about are the horror stories:

If you go the International route you don’t know what kind of prenatal care the birth mother received. Further, is the child placed in an orphanage or a foster home? Are they nurtured as infants? Will they be able to bond with your family?

Other “issues” surrounding International adoption include that often International adoptions offer older children, and some countries have strict rules about age, marital status and health (including mental health). Most children are not infants, but range in age from 6 months to teenagers. Further, some countries require lengthy visits to the country before you can take your child home.

Many celebrities opt for International adoptions, including Madonna, Meg Ryan, Ewan McGregor, Angelina Jolie, Julie Andrews and James Caviezel to name a few.

All that being said, the success stories by far outweigh the negative press you hear. International adoption can be a wonderful experience, and you can, in many cases, literally save a child from poverty, illness or even death. The joy in International adoption is unlimited.

Keep in mind, however, that countries are constantly changing their rules, as well as opening and closing their borders to foreign adoptions. For complete and up to date information, contact one of the Adoption attorneys at IANDOLI & EDENS, LLC at 908-879-9499 or visit us on the web at http://www.iandoliedens.com.