You are entangled in divorce litigation. Hopefully, you are looking forward to your new life and feeling optimistic, even in the midst of negotiating a settlement; which is often not easy. It can be exhausting and hurtful for many reasons, but most often these feelings can stem from your spouse’s spiteful and vengeful acts.

Your marriage may not have been picture perfect but there were probably moments of generosity and compassion. There were also probably many gifts exchanged between you and your spouse for holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, etc.

Does your spouse want a gift back that he gave to you during the marriage? Does he want the item or does he want you to pay to him 50% of its value in order for him to waive his rights to it? It seems that gifts should be off limits! Right? But, they are not. In fact, gifts between spouses are subject to equitable distribution just like the rest of your property.

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