At Iandoli & Edens we work with all aspects of adoptions. Questions commonly voiced by our clients are: Will my adopted child be OK? Will they succeed in life or does the very fact of “abandonment” at a young age mean years of therapy and self-doubt. The truth of the matter is some adopted children will fail and some will succeed, just as any child brought into this world. In fact, the very fact they are adopted (i.e. wanted) may give adopted children a “leg up” in self-esteem and confidence. The bottom line is raising children, adopted, biological or step children is a minefield, for which parents must take responsibility.

Here are some examples of adopted children who have made names for themselves: Maya Angelou, Eric Clapton, Ted Danson, Nelson Mandela, Ray Liotta, Frances McDormand, Steve Jobs and Nicole Richie. There are thousands more who have made quieter, yes no less important contributions to society.

Some people will argue nature vs. nurture. If you truly want to become a parent by adopting a child nurture has already taken the lead. For help with your adoption, call our Adoption Dept. at Iandoli & Edens at 908-879-9499, or visit our website at