The holiday season is quickly approaching. The holidays can be a particularly stressful time for parents going through a divorce. The question of who will have parenting time during which holiday will inevitably be an issue to address. The best way to reduce this added stress during the holidays is to develop a plan with your spouse outlining the schedule for each holiday that is celebrated. Discussing holiday plans and schedules in advance with your spouse is key to prevent misunderstandings and avoid unnecessary anxiety. Planning ahead will also allow the children to be involved in the plans and know exactly where they are going for the holidays. Courts encourage parents going through a divorce to come to an agreement on a holiday parenting time plan.

However, as with any other divorce related issue, disagreements concerning holiday parenting time may inevitably occur. If you are separated from your spouse, contemplating a divorce, or already divorced and need to modify your holiday parenting time plan, we are here to help. We also offer mediation services to assist both you and your spouse in formulating a plan to keep the holidays enjoyable even during this difficult time. To schedule a consultation with an experienced matrimonial attorney please call us at (908) 879-9499, or visit our website at