No one likes to talk about life after death. No doubt, it is depressing to think of eventual demise. However, if you have children, a pet, or property, preparing a Will should be on your priority “to-do” list.

Upon your passing, a Will serves many purposes. It can name a guardian and alternate custodian to watch over your children. If you own a pet, do you know who will take care of your pet when you pass? Naming a custodian for your pet is also something you can (and should) name in your Will. You can even set aside funds to help your custodian care for your pet upon your demise. Do you own a home or a bank account or treasured personal property? You can certainly list these items in your Will and declare the person who you wish to receive your assets. It is so important to name an executor for your estate who has the responsibility to manage your estate upon your demise.

Perhaps most importantly, preparing a Will may give you the gift of reassurance that your wishes will be carried out upon your demise and you can finally check it off your “to-do” list. Contact an attorney with Iandoli & Edens, LLC. They are experienced in Wills and estate cases and can prepare a Will quickly and in accordance with your wishes.

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