Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiancée are in a legal battle over frozen embryos. According to news reports the couple had Ms. Vergara’s eggs fertilized by her then fiancée and frozen to use (or not) at a later date, most likely through a surrogate. Unfortunately, the relationship failed and they never made it to the altar.

Reports frequently say Ms. Vergara desires to destroy the embryos (which she denies). Her former flame is petitioning the court to not only bar their destruction, but to allow him to have custody of them. He has indicated that he will find a surrogate to bring them to term. Sofia has rejected his proposal.

In the technology of the world today, these types of issues are going to arise more and more. Frozen eggs and/or embryos are being sought by infertile couples, often frustrated with the adoption process. These couples are willing to pay large fees to purchase the embryos or eggs.

Putting aside any perceived ethical and moral implications, the legal ramifications are enormous. Nothing in this arena should be attempted without an ironclad meeting of the minds, and formal written agreement. For more information, please call one of the experienced family law attorneys at Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879-9499,