Have you as a couple (whether opposite sex or same sex) or as a single parent considered adoption? Perhaps the horror stories that spread the news have scared you away- birth parents taking their children back, children adopted from foreign countries that have serious emotional or behavioral issues, children from the foster care system that seemingly cannot “fit in” to their adoptive homes, prospective adoptive parent(s) waiting years for a child.  Remember, these dreadful stories make for better news, and the thousands of positive and wonderful adoptions are not printed.

Of course, giving birth to a child is not a guarantee for success either.  But putting that aside, there are paths to follow and decisions made along the way to help ensure an adoption triumph, including domestic vs. international; race or mixed race; infant or older child.

Some think adoption is only for celebrities, that they are pushed to the front of the line because of their fame and wealth.  This is simply not the case.  Sheryl Crow, Madonna and Sandra Bullock, all adoptive parents and celebrities suffered glitches along the way- everything from local laws to long exhausting years before a child was placed with them.

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