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In New Jersey, marital settlements are determined by many different factors, including, length of the marriage, assets each party may have brought in to the marriage, as well as intangible issues such as how “fair” each party wants to be with the other, or how much do they want to fight. Although many if not most celebrity divorces are sealed, it was known that Tiger Woods paid $750,000,000 in his divorce, Mel Gibson $425,000,000 in his and Michael Jordan $168,000,000 in his.  Obviously, each of these divorces have a wide and varying range of facts, the most important first step is to speak with an attorney and get the factors that will affect your particular case.  Your settlements will most likely not be in the range of these celebrities, but to get the facts for your case call one of our experienced attorneys at IANDOLI & EDENS (908) 879-9499.

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