child support not enough

Let’s face it – New Jersey is expensive. We have addressed in this series what child support covers, but there are some things that child support does not cover that is a daily part of a child’s life.  One of these items are what we call extraordinary extracurricular activities.  Such as horseback riding, gymnastics, travel sports and so on.  The child support guidelines do not cover these type of activities, but there is an answer to the question.  Payment of extraordinary expenses can be negotiated between the parties.  The parties can agree between themselves what type of extraordinary activities their children are going to participate in and how the cost of those activities will be shared.  The parties can also agree between themselves as to whether or not the child is going to get a car at 17; and if so who is going to pay for it and cover the child on their auto insurance.  The child support guidelines are just that – a guideline.  Everyone’s case is a little different and there is a solution to each and every issue that arises.

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