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Don’t you hate it when you call a professional and they do not return your call? We’ve all been there. Doctors, accountants, contractors, real estate agents and, yes, even lawyers have fallen victim to this horrible habit.

It goes without saying, waiting for someone to answer your question or to let you know the status of your matter creates unnecessary anxiety and worry. Very rarely do we come across a professional who will not only take the time to return our call, but who will call us back quickly.

Here, at Iandoli & Edens, LLC, we return phone calls. We answer your emails. We let you know what is going on with your case. Quickly. If an adversary calls on your case and we are unavailable, we return their calls too. Stop waiting by the phone. Iandoli & Edens, LLC is here to help. Call us today at 908.879.9499 or visit us on the web at

Every field has its jargon. In family court and in your lawyer’s office you may hear the following: CIS, ESP, ISC, MSA, and JOD, to name just a few. Let’s give you the definitions:

CIS – stands for Case Information Statement. It is a form required by the court. It requests of you some general information such as name, addresses of you and any children, name and address of employer, name and type of medical insurance coverage, etc. It also asks financial information such as the amount of your monthly and yearly income. It asks you to attach your last tax return as well as three most recent paystubs. It asks for your monthly expenses. The monthly expenses are broken down into Schedules A, B and C. Schedule A covers shelter, Schedule B covers transportation, and Schedule C covers personal expenses. This form also asks you to list all of your assets and debt.

ESP – stands for Early Settlement Panel. If you are unable to settle your case the court will require that you attend an Early Settlement Panel at which time two volunteer attorneys will make a recommendation as to how they think you should settle your case. Sometimes it is helpful for both sides to hear from independent counsel.

ISC – stands for Intensive Settlement Conference. Before a trial, your judge may mandate that you attend an Intensive Settlement Conference at which time the judge will expect you to attempt to settle your case. You will be reporting directly to a judge who will want to know about the progress of your settlement attempts with your adversary while you remain in the courthouse.

MSA – stands for Marital Settlement Agreement. If you are able to settle all of your differences with your adversary, you may enter into what is called a written Marital Settlement Agreement. This Agreement is a legally binding contract and becomes incorporated into your Judgment of Divorce.

JOD – stands for Judgment of Divorce. That is the legal document/order from the court which dissolves your marriage.

For more information about these and anything else related to your separation or divorce, do not hesitate to contact one of the attorneys at Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879-9499,

There are so many attorneys, you may be wondering where and how to start your search for your divorce attorney. One tip, of course, is to look at the attorney’s website. You may also want to ask professionals, such as other attorneys, therapists and psychologists. You may want to ask family members and friends and learn of their own experiences. Most definitely, you will want to interview the attorney you are considering. The attorney you hire should handle a significant amount of family law cases. Importantly, you want to have a rapport with that attorney. You don’t want to feel reluctant to discuss personal issues with your attorney. You want to be comfortable expressing your concerns and the matters that are most important to you.

For a consultation, call one of our experienced family law attorneys who know how to listen at Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879 9499 or click here to learn more about us.

Iandoli and Edens is collecting non-perishable food for the Backpack Program. It is a charitable organization which collects and distributes food to parents of children. If you would like to contribute, we will keep a box in our waiting room for non-perishable food items. The program has suggested:

•Cereal-low sugar, child friendly
•Canned tuna or chicken
•Macaroni “N” cheese
•Peanut butter and jelly
•Pancake mix and syrup
•Applesauce and fruit (single serve), no sugar added
•Shelf-stable milk
•Meals in a can, like Dinty Moore and Chef Boyardee
•Granola type snack bars
•Raisins, individually boxed

Whether you knew your relationship was headed down this path or your spouse completely surprised you, some of the same issues arise.  What will be the custody arrangement?  When will the children be with mom and when will they be with dad?  Who will take them to their activities?  What will happen to their college fund?  Who will pay the balance of the cost of their college education?  What will happen to the house?  Will it remain mine?  Where will everyone live post-divorce?  What will happen to our stock, savings, investment accounts, retirement accounts, etc.?

If you are a stay-at-home parent, will you be expected to go back to work outside the home?  If you are expected to go back to work, when?  What kind of job will you get?

Some say that divorce means change.  No one denies that there are a lot of decisions to be made.  At Iandoli & Edens we address all of the issues in your case, one at a time and work with you to develop a plan for the future.  So don’t be overwhelmed.  Let our team assist you.  Call Iandoli & Edens at (908) 879-9499 or click here to learn more about us.

Please join us on April 27, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, at the Morris Hills School of Adult and Continuing Education for our seminar entitled “Economic Considerations in Divorce”

This  2-hour workshop will explore the factors affecting alimony and distribution of assets and debt in separation and divorce.

To learn more about this seminar or the Morris Hills School of Adult and Continuing Education visit:

Pre-registration and fee are required.  To register for this seminar please call the Morris Hills School of Adult and Continuing Education at (973) 664-2295.

Just when you thought you couldn’t pay anymore, the kids are going to college.  Judges have the authority to order divorcing or divorced mothers and fathers to help support their adult children while those children are in college.  The typical college tuition includes tuition, books, computer fees, lab fees, registration fees, etc.  They can also include expenses incurred during the children’s junior and senior years of high school, such as the cost of a SAT prep course, college applications, etc.

Once in college, the expenses can include room and board, rent for off-campus housing, or the cost of an automobile and automobile insurance expenses.  Of course the children will require food at home or the cost of the college meal plan.  They still have medical insurance expenses, uncovered medical bills, clothes, etc., etc., etc.

It can be a very costly experience.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your college age children or should you be in the process of a separation or divorce with younger children, feel free to contact one of our family law attorneys at (908) 879-9499.

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